Wind energy in the Dakotas

For the last 25 years, Energiekontor has stood for a sound approach to business and a wealth of experience in wind & solar power

Energiekontor US Inc

An international scale

Energiekontor US Inc. is part of the Energiekontor group of companies present in many countries such as Germany, UK, France, Portugal and Netherlands

Our vision

Energiekontor has always had a clear vision for the future: a world where energy needs are covered 100% by renewable energy sources

Our projects in the US

Energiekontor US Inc. is developing utility scale wind projects in Texas and wind projects in the Dakotas

Wind projects

Energiekontor US Inc is developing a pipeline of utility scale wind projects in the Dakotas ranging in size from 75MW to 200MW. The projects are geographically spread, located in numerous counties.

Energiekontor Group Track record

The Energekontor group has developed, financed and constructed nearly 120 utility scale renewables projects.
The group owns and operates 34 projects in Germany, the UK and Portugal etc.

The Energiekontor group is currently developing wind projects in Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and in the Dakotas.

Energiekontor is active in the acquisition of further sites for renewables energy development and preparation for tender.

In addition to the core markets of Germany, UK and Portugal, the company is also developing new markets for wind in France and in the USA

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The Energiekontor group has developed more than 120 renewable energy projects. We have near one Gigawatt in operation in Europe and several Gigawatts in development. Energiekontor’s pioneering role and near 30 year history in renewables make us an ideal partner for offtakers seeking to purchase renewable energy from a reliable and experienced partner.

Co-ops and Municipal Utilities

We are interested in working with Municipal Utilities and Cooperatives and producing a tailor-made solution to allow smaller players to participate in the renewables market.


We have a history of partnerships with Utilities, both in development and in cases where a utility has purchased one of our projects. As a developer, but also as an owner and operator of wind and solar projects, we are always striving to reduce risks and deliver projects that can achieve their projected production long term.


Energiekontor has a strong track record and has signed PPAs with two international “Fortune 500” corporate offtakers. Both of these customers are repeat customers and PPAs for 7 projects have been signed to date.

Our Ability to Deliver Low-Cost Wind Power

Energiekontor is not tied to any particular manufacturer and is therefore able to source the best solution in the market at any time. In some cases, we work together with the ultimate owner of the project to achieve the lowest cost solution. We have been able to achieve industry-leading levelized costs of energy and the company’s focus has been on achieving cost effective solutions.


Energiekontor aims to work with landowners and local communities to create the best environmentally friendly and safe projects. Utility scale solar projects are a real benefit to a local community and can provide much needed economic support.


As a group, Energiekontor aims to retain half of the projects that we develop and to work with an investment partner who will become the future owner for the remainder of the projects. As a developer with a 25 year track record we would be interested to talk to investors who wish to acquire rights to our wind projects. We anticipate that the investor's involvement would start before signature of the PPA.

Energiekontor is also interested to find a financial investor or co-developer for some projects within our portfolio. For these, we are proposing a joint venture with co-ownership. With a number of projects now ready to secure PPAs in the market, we would like to talk to you now.