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Supporting the Local Community

Supporting the Local Community - Examples


Ribble Rivers Trust – United Kingdom - example

The Salmon@HEART (Hyndburn Ecosystem and River Transformation) project was a river improvement scheme on the River Hyndburn to help migrating salmon, trout and eels bypass the historic dam at Oakenshaw and allow them to reach upstream habitat that has been inaccessible since at least 1844. A specially designed channel has been constructed to bypass the dam and has been complemented by education projects with local schools and 1.25ha new woodland planted by volunteers. The Windfall Fund contributed £13,676 towards the construction of the new fishpass and the tree planting.

Sustainable transport

Great Harwood – United Kingdom - example

The project consisted of developing a series of walking and cycling paths that were published in two paper guides as well as on digital maps. The aim was to introduce adults and more specifically women, the elderly and people excluded from walking and cycling in the hope of encouraging a change in lifestyle. Several family bike rides, guided walks and cycle rides were also organized.

Local food

Sandy Lane Gardering Group – United Kingdom - example

Sandy Lane Gardening Group (S.L.G.G.) secured a grant to refurbish a redundant polytunnel in Accrington which enabled them to grow more fruit and vegetables, work with other community groups and any food excess was passed to local food banks.

The grant means that S.L.G.G. was able to work with other community groups by supplying them with seedlings and also distributing the food produced to service users in Hyndburn to encourage healthy eating. Some food is sold to a Creative Support’s drop-in café in Accrington, which produces a modest income to help maintain the group and any food excess is passed onto local food banks.

It was a great opportunity for new members to become involved in eco-therapy and to get involved in local environmental projects in the Hyndburn community.

Waste / Recycling

Hyndburn Home Company – United Kingdom - example

The objective was to develop a waste recovery project by promoting the collection, cleaning and waste sale. Currently, social services and hospitals are encouraging people to deposit their contributions on a daily basis, for example walking sticks, walkers, bath rings etc., which are no longer used. This project prevents the uncontrolled release of such equipment.

Energy savings

Church & Oswaldtwistle – United Kingdom - example

The Church & Oswaldtwistle Club received funds from Energiekontor to install double glazing, a highly energy efficient water heater and new roof insulation for the clubhouse. Thus, the new installations have reduced energy bills by 50% and reduced the club's environmental impact.

Environmental awareness

PROSPECTS Foundation – United Kingdom - example

The PROSPECTS Foundation was rewarded with funding to continue its conservation activities in all neighborhoods of Hyndburn. In addition, the foundation involves local populations in order to teach them more about conservation practices such as ways of surveying land and how to produce management plans. The project has worked on various sites by carrying out different activities such as the creation of hedges, barriers, bird nests, or even the sustainable grazing management and tree planting.

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